Buzz Words  
I pick words from the grapevine, plump and sweet, 
Then roll their ripened wonder round my tongue; 
Extract their zesty essence till they greet 
The senses with intoxicating fun. 
I spill their fruity beauty out for all 
To revel in their merriment and glee. 
Linguistic thrills will cheer as they enthrall 
With dizzy draughts of luscious poetry.  
I aim to quench the parched and thirsty heart, 
To drench the bone-dry dream that turned to dust, 
To flood the blood with love from Cupidís dart 
With juicy joy infused with spice and lust.  
My boozy muse is cued to choose words fated 
To leave the logophile inebriated.  

Susan Jarvis Bryant

If you have any thoughts on this poem, Susan Jarvis Bryant would be pleased to hear them.