She is polished and pernicious 
Her demeanor is delicious  
She will soften the suspicious  
     With her smile  
She値l abash you then disarm you 
She値l harass and she値l alarm you 
Then she値l nonchalantly charm you  
     That痴 her style 
She値l reject and then she値l choose you 
She値l respect and then she値l use you 
She値l protect and then she値l bruise you 
     In a flash 
She値l dismiss you then possess you  
She will curse you then she値l bless you 
She値l distress and then impress you 
     With panache 
She値l accuse and then assuage you 
She値l abuse and she値l upstage you 
She値l amuse and she値l enrage you 
      Every day   
She値l assist you then she値l spurn you 
She値l enlist you then she値l burn you  
She will twist and she will turn you 
     Every way 
She will praise and then berate you 
She will raise and then deflate you 
She値l amaze and still frustrate you 
     You can稚 win 
She痴 capricious and malicious 
She is smoothly surreptitious 
She conceals a core that痴 vicious  
     With a grin

Susan Jarvis Bryant

If you have any thoughts on this poem, Susan Jarvis Bryant would be pleased to hear them.