JUST A JOKE maybe.  Second year literature student. Leftward-leaning, but bored with think-alikes. Forgetful/zany, but taste for cards. Yearns for a Heathcliffe/Rochester. No goal beyond the present. Only now matters. And now, and now.  Every day should be an adventure. To start one, call 0865 727183.

YOUNG professional, lady graduate, 5ft 6, positive outlook, determined to get the most out of life, and wanting to enjoy London/theatre/opera. Seeks intelligent, attractive, outgoing, apoliticial and maybe romantic fellow explorer preferably (but not necessarily) male to see what happens. All options open. Wit matters. Amuse me by phoning 01 940 7187.

INTELLIGENT, stylish and slim brunette, mid 30s. Confident, but burnt once, extensively, expensively. Can still smile, and enjoy life, and good wine, but not Bridge.  And not bondage. Seeks older, wiser, solvent Mr Knightley. Sincerity matters. Good voice preferred. Let me hear yours on 081 946 3111.

QUIET, but irreverent, and independent female, 47, long dark tresses, occasional enormous smile and occasional concert-goer. Likes travel, dreams of escape, with a real soul partner from the happy few.  In the meantime, beginner golfer. Patience matters but surely passion too? If you agree, dial 020 8946 3111.

AFFECTIONATE, these days Bath-based lady, 54, warm, feminine, elegant. Still enjoys life, despite disappointments. Rediscovering CoE and/but developing taste for Japanese films. Seeks gentleman of intellect and culture, outgoing but not overly.  Walker, but no animals! Optimism obligatory, but realism also matters. Only connect, however cautiously, on 01225 334659.

FIT, medium-height, yes over (just) 60, but still interested in the journey; the world; other people; even computers. Knows the difference between novels and life, but seeks meaningful relationship (not just one last fling). Bored with country walks, now back in London.  Certainly no golfers. Ditto pub-aholics. Loyalty matters. To try again, ring 020 7765 4872.

WIDOWED, lonely cosmopolitan, 70. Is there any kind, rugged, warm-hearted (preferably C/conservative) fellow-spirit out there, used to the knocks, not daunted by memories? Traditional values, but not necessarily traditional beliefs. For friendship/sharing, and maybe whatever happens, even now.  Balance matters. To find ours: 020 7937 2561.

HOPING, and hopeful. Elderly but timeless lady.  Not ready to go gently into that good night, nor to settle in front of the television, nor to vote Tory. Knows there are no rules, none, except courage and not betraying yourself. Every day should be an adventure. Nothing else matters. Call me if you dare on 01923 766154.

Tom Vaughan

If you have any thoughts on this poem, Tom Vaughan would be pleased to hear them.