Ode to Spring 

I see you in the rut of butting rams.
     I hear you in the chirruping of chicks.
I feel you in the frolic of the lambs.
     I watch you in the snort and squeal and kicks
Of peachy piglets latching on to lunch.
     I sense you in the luscious, grassy lea – 
That beaming gleam of velveteen in green,
     Where hungry hares tear tender tufts to munch,
And gangly calves cavort to coos of glee
     From flirty, loved-up doves who woo and preen. 
I breathe you in the fragrant floral wood
     Where graceful swathes of bluebells dance in praise
Of blazing rays where frigid Winter stood
     With frosty airs – that chilly, ghostly gaze.
Hurray to every bright and sprightly day!
     You bless the barren sprawl of Mother Earth
With bursting buds and butterflies and bees.
     You light the way to Summer’s bold display
With gifts of resurrection and rebirth. 
     Your Easter splendor rises on the breeze.
When mists and mellow fruitfulness depart, 
     I’m lifted by your sylvan scenes within – 
Your verdant beauty blossoms in my heart.
     Your budding wonder blooms beneath my skin. 
I revel in the vibrancy you bring.
     My wishes wander buoyant as a cloud
O’er vales and hills that spill with jocund thrills – 
     Your golden trumpets will my soul to sing.
On dreary days I shrug off sorrow’s shroud
     And float my boat on seas of daffodils.

Susan Jarvis Bryant

If you have any thoughts on this poem, Susan Jarvis Bryant would be pleased to hear them.