eric and

Bring Me Sunshine
i.m. Eric and Ernie

Bring me the summer, golden and warm
Bring me the rainbow after the storm

Bring me the morning after the night
Bring me, post-blindness, miraculous sight

Bring me wise friends, bring me long days
Bring me a god I can trust and can praise

Bring me the answer, bring me the clue
to the hope I shall know to be anchored and true

Bring me the bridegroom, bring me the bride
who’ll spend a whole lifetime side-by-side

Bring me fine wine, from an ancient estate
Bring me the patience to plant trees and wait

for the landscape my children’s grandchildren will see
in its final perfection. Bring me carefree

dips off a pristinely fabulous beach
where soft wavelets whisper for hours, each to each

Bring me the government, stable and wise
with a waste paper basket for spin and for lies

Bring me the world where confident peace
has been freely agreed on a thousand year lease

Bring me the universe where the spheres sing
Handel or Bach. Where there isn’t the sting

of knowing the whole thing must be a fraud.
Then bring me the mindset which wouldn’t be bored . . .

Tom Vaughan

If you have any thoughts about this poem,  Tom Vaughan   would be pleased to hear them