On the Road in England

Why is this lane stopping and starting?
Stopping and starting uses more fuel than
the blank amnesia of Nirvana, the extinction
of consciousness, and we are travelling south,
all that queue, all that congestion,
(you see Iím in the car), and
not a single person parking,
so we seem to work in shifts,
and the road opens up, clear
of other traffic, and the car
accelerates, and the wall
of Maya now falls down.
Imagine graffiti on the wall
of Maya (whom it seems is
Sanskrit for Goddess of Illusion.) -
Iíve heard of graffiti on the
keel of The Drunken Boat.
Also on the wall going round
the edge of the universe. But not
on the wall of Maya. I donít know why
I bought my computer, unless to slink
off alone and have a private moment.
We are only going for five days.
The automated conveyor belt
of poesis still flows and
so it goes and so it grows.

John F.B. Tucker

If you have any thoughts about this poem, 
John F.B. Tucker   would be pleased to hear them