Walter Barton
Walter Barton bought it in the chair.
Missouri justice finally made him dead.
Five trials and he didnít have a prayer.

But did he do it?  Evidence was spare:
a lying snitch, a dab or two of blood
got Walter Barton sentenced to the chair.
Uncertain jurors didnít seem to care.
Iím innocent he said.  And said.  And said.
In lawyer land, he didnít have a prayer.
For almost thirty years, a long affair
while Walter languished in his prison bed,
each ruling brought him closer to the chair.
From grief to hope, from promise to despair,
the strands of life unraveled in his head
till Walter knew he didnít have a prayer.
May 19, 2020. Were you there
to watch? The deadly chemicals they fed
humanely, not that old electric chair,
killed Walter. Most of us were unaware.
And if a few mistakes were made, too bad.
Old Walter Barton bought it in the chair.
No matter that he never had a prayer.

 Barbara Loots

If you have any thoughts about this poem,  Barbara Loots  would be pleased to hear them