Enduring Love vs Romantic Dalliance 
Every slight breeze, a pleasure 
over sun-drenched skin 
fresh from a pool, a stream,  
an ocean, any watery confluence. 
Anticipation of loving words 
listing unheard of perfections no one 
could live up to and the discovery 
there could be someone nearly like that. 
Little acts of thoughtfulness, 
settled over the need to express feelings  
of acceptance and gratitude.  
Ah, you see fairy tales do come true. 
But the next stage of our love  
will be more enduring. 
You will sacrifice everything 
for me, though I will not ask it. 
I shall with every fiber return your love 
with care for your soul, 
your need to retain and improve  
your perfections! 
I only mention small discrepancies 
so you will grow,  realize your full potential 
and you will demonstrate your love for me 
by accepting, overlooking the pain 
knowing someone loves you enough 
to offer well-intentioned reminders. 
Exhilaration will attend our eternal love 
to the degree I can make you cry, 
to the extent you can forgive,  
console me for my inability to love  
without truth-telling and  pain.  
We, among the very few,  
will face the Real World together! 


L. Fullington

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