Snakeskin 306 - May 2023 Snakeskin

The Music Issue
Guest Editors:
Jessy Randall and Dan Shapiro

A Note from the Guest-Editors
Laurie Barton
The Dawn of Personal Music

Kierstin Bridger
Desperado 1913

Madison Gill
Somewhere Floating in Space is a Gold-Plated Record

Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks Perform ‘Landslide’ Together for the Last Time

Deborah Golden
At the Other End

KateLynn Hibbard
The Piano Lesson

Nate Logan
(three short poems)

Valerie Loveland
The Route Home is Shaped Like a Sound Wave

Tomi-Ann Roberts
 Too Many Rings Around Rosie

Jade Schapiro
 The Falling Lint

Marissa Stockton
Upon Witnessing Seong-Jin Cho play Clair de Lune
Bruce Bentzman invokes Euterpe

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