Bob's Insight.

Bob had an idea
He figured out that
The only time we had
As who we thought we are
was now
And when you died
you came back
as someone else
back at the start again
so in a while
you will have been everyone
Hitler and Churchill
A maid a butler
A king and a tramp
Everyone in the world
And because you didn’t remember
From one life to the next
You got to learn about life
All over again
And you could be nasty
Or not depending on
who you ended up being

it was a grand idea

no God or spirit guiding everyone
no everyone just Bob
for all eternity
he figured that each life
that came into the world
had its fixed place and
when he had been someone
and died he went back
to be the consciousness
of the next one along
he went round telling everyone
of his big idea
it’s like reincarnation
he said
but there is only me
and I take it in turn to be
no one listened

he may as well
have been talking
to himself

Jim Bennett

If you have any comments on this poem, Jim Bennett would be pleased to hear from you.