I will bring you apple blossom from my garden,
a scent sweeter than anything you could dream of,
if you will stay . . .

I will bring you music from Greek islands,
soft whispering tunes that remind you of the scent of apple blossom,
that soothe your soul, that bathe you in tenderness,
if only you will stay . . .

I will bring you honey from my honeybees,
that feed on the blossom of Greek oregano and Irish ivy,
that vibrate with the sun's heat and remind you
of summer islands where you were full of bliss,
if you will promise to stay . . .

I will rub your feet with oil scented with lavender and rosemary from my garden;
I will warm you, smooth away your anxieties and your responsibilities
which you bear so bravely,
if only I will find you here again . . .

I will make for you a haven of stillness where time lingers and clocks tarry;
I will make the time for you to ponder and gaze at nothing and your self,
if only I can know that I will see you here next time . . .

I will put on my impish face and tickle you with silliness
to make your grownup mask fall away and leave you laughing,
helpless, drowning in delight,
if only I can see you one more time, or two . . .

I will bring you armsful of roses from my garden:
Albertine roses with the scent of paradise;
I will bring you beauty to take away the pain of dying,
of bearing ill tidings, of having to wear a brave face,
if only I will see your smile again.

Julia Fairlie

If you have any comments on this poem, Julia Fairlie would be pleased to hear from you.