Labyrinth of Choices

Now eyes have a system
that invites choices.
With time-saving devices
to save us from seeing
everything. But the system
is clear,
sees colors,
and things standing in front
of one another.

So far so good
until bright sunlight
obscures a few ends in view
and we cannot foresee
the frown on faces
or the need to dive underground
in the face of tornados.

But what if you saw
words that are beautiful?
You noticed but passed them by.

Surely there’s a “how to do it”
to engage receptors
and let them multiply.

Maybe words offer
more than mere choices.
Elegant sounds
that bring
wind-nudging crocuses
to mind

And a way out
of choice-making.

L. Fullington

If you have any comments on this poem, L. Fullington  would be pleased to hear from you.