About Your Mother’s Face
Mother was ordinary until classmates staring at her
on Speech Day squealed: Your mum’s so pretty,
her face becoming  your own status symbol to rival
their parents e-type jags and mansions.
But as men gawped at her in the street,                             
your silent adolescent scream Look at me too! 
Other times, catching your own breath at
her moss-agate eyes that changed colour with her moods.
Paparazzi, snapping as she swept through Heathrow,
knew she should be model, actress or concubine ,
Yet her ambition was to ‘look out her kitchen window
and see a reliable husband digging in his garden.’     
But he could not imagine your mother stooping to vacuum,
so she drew only prospectors and connoisseurs
who licking their lips as if undressing Marilyn
soon found they were fucking Doris Day and left.
Proving to friends that ‘Mother was a great beauty’,
you present a solitary portrait 6 by 5,
taken in middle age to celebrate her glamour’s climax,
that is disfigured  by melancholy.

Fiona Sinclair

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