What’s Change Made of?

Pennies a Day
Soon to be Quarters?
Or will  change
always  be needed?

               Small cost in Ice Ages past
               and the one approaching
               demands more than pennies a day,
               Really  small change
              over billions of years
               so we humans never noticed.

               Heat in the earth’s core reservoir
               kept the lava boiling
               allowing mountains to sink.
               They were heavy, were they not?             

               Not bad, for just pennies
               that got us islands
               with sandy beaches
               but soon  
               Hawaii will disappear
               due to Nature’s inflation?
               Even without pollution
               this is predicted.

               The coral are happy
               for now but our
               Ice age is not quite over.

What should be done
now that we know
things are changing? Before
things get tropical in Wisconsin
as this ice age ends.

               Make sure there’s a Nostradamus
               Who alerts the populace
               In time to Space Travel to Mars.

L. Fullington

If you have any comments on this poem,  L. Fullington  would be pleased to hear from you.