(After Thomas Hardy, "During Wind and Rain")

When I was filthy rich,
Hey ho, offshore accounts!
Little I thought that I
Would be taxed for obscene amounts
And that stocks would nosedive and die.
Ah no, the times go,
Money is nought but a fickle bitch.

I married a trophy wife,
Hey ho, fabulous sex!
Little I thought that she
Would write such voluminous checks
I 'd be driven to bankruptcy -
Ah no, the times go -
How soon I tired of married life!

I bought me a Persian cat,
Fat, sleek, beautiful - purr!
Never a dog in town
Was equal to her;
She was quick to gather  renown.
Ah no, the times go,
My lungs are pockets of snow-white fur.

Gail White

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