‘Federojenska did a grand jeté into the wings one matinée
and was never seen again’ – Edward Gorey, The Gilded Bat

I can’t tell you how often
I’ve wanted to do that
zzzzzooop!! and you’re gone
not with a bang but a grand jeté
not with a scowl but a simper

he’s the one

he shucks off his clothes quick & whippy as a grass snake
she looks at the peel & self of him & oh! he’s the one, she thinks,
really the one this time
the bed’s hot with struggle & straddle & thrust & thrutch
& summit-topping cry

she never sees him again


exhausted noon
the hot wind is syrup

alone, a brittle leaf
ambles along blazing streets
a barefoot child
in slo-mo

Mandy Macdonald

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