Double Bind

There is secret failure
in every success

and in each failure
success persists.

Neither (without the other) exists.
This is the fundamental torture.

On Polishing Your Poem

You would think you wouldn’t need to — not when it’s brand new—
but it’s surprising, sometimes, what an anti-static cloth can do.
This is only a suggestion. I am certainly not telling you.
Besides, there is such a thing as too much polish
and you wouldn’t want, I think, to demolish
the freshness or — even more hellish —
to embellish.
Would you?

Found Poem

Hello Nell

It is time to be a real man, it is time to order Max Gentleman.
Do it before its too late!

Are you looking for an effective peter enlargement device that
can change your life in a matter of a few months but don’t want
to waste your time and money on useless methods?

Then you have come to the right place.

Helena Nelson

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