The Prince of Venosa

venosa score

My thoughts on love? Good Sir, my wife betrayed me -
Yes, me, Gesualdo da Venosa, Prince,
And Count of Conza. She most foully played me,
So loveís a topic that revolts me since.
Her lover I dispatched by sword and gun;
On her, I used a well-honed hunting‑knife,
And when I saw that she was not quite done,
I slit the throat of my adulterous wife.
The only solace was my composition,
My madrigals, my sacred Tenebrae,
For music mitigates the soulís attrition,
And brings to blackest nights a glimpse of day.
My life, good Sir, so grievously dramatic,
Explains my music, anguished and chromatic.

Brian Allgar

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