Outside the Box

We’re looking for a candidate
who thinks outside the box,
who challenges the status quo
and shocks the orthodox –

whose insights save doomed companies
from smashing on the rocks
convincing traders round the world
to hang on to their stocks –

who comes up with the Big Idea
which stops the whirling clocks,
who sets a winning course till then
un-mapped by any cox –

who outflanks courts and governments,
who’s both Hedgehog and Fox,
and who, Houdini-like, breaks free
from Groupthink’s rusty locks . . .

I said the job wasn’t for me.
But here’s the paradox –
what’s life for any of us except
a thought before the box?

Tom Vaughan

If you have any thoughts on this poem,  Tom Vaughan  would be pleased to hear them.