You are invited to an online book launch.
The editor's new collection, Old and Bookish, went into print in December (and it is selling quite well, despite the slowness of Amazon to get it out there among the international populace).
To celebrate the event, and Snakeskin's twenty-fifth birthday, I'd like to invite the friends of Snakeskin to a  Zooming book launch, on Thursday January 14th at 7.00 p.m (London time).
It has struck me that this will not only give me a chance to share my poems, but also allow me to meet some of you, at least virtually. If you can make it, I'd be delighted. Drop an email to me at editor@snakeskin.org.uk, and I'll make sure you get a link to the meeting in advance.

If this works well, maybe we can organise some more online Snakeskin events. Suggestions will be welcome.