A Swan Named Zeus

In memory of Zeus Swan, 2021 to 2023,
born in Pittville Park, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

If any god desired to be a bird,
his first choice would be this: the massive swan,
whose snort-song was the loftiest wed heard
on Earth and farther still. Zeus was the son
of George the Great and Zelda, fairest queen
to reign in Pittville Park until her death.
His neck had girth; we loved to watch him preen
and bow, then stretch his sturdy wings. Such breadth!
This bulk, though, might have caused his own demise
by misadventure: coming in to land,
he made an error, panic in his eyes,
and crashed and shattered on the dense-packed sand.
Some say his soul ascended heavenward,
snatched up to dwell with mighty Zeus the God.

Felicity Teague

If you have any thoughts about this poem,  Felicity Teague   would be pleased to hear them