From the Headlines

Ursine Wardrobe Malfunction

Video of bear at a Chinese zoo has people asking:
Is that a bear or human in costume?

I once lived incognito as a sun bear,
Wearing my fur guise in a Chinese zoo.
Now cameras out me as a wrinkled-bun bear.
I’m standin’ on my hind legs feelin’ blue.

Bear or

BBC Scandal Footnote

British law allows sex with partners as young as 16,
but bans “indecent” photos of anyone under 18.

Sex when she’s just 16
The statutes do not nix.
But wait a year or two
Before you snap those pics.

Missing Millionaire Crypto Influencer Found Dismembered in Suitcase
(from a New York Post headline)

One day you’re a hot young crypto
Millionaire contrarian,
Next day you might find yourself both
Check-through bag and carrion.

Chris O'Carroll

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