The Journey

I found an old football in the park with the stream
it had no skin looked like a coconut
all hairy
reminded me of the ones they used to use in fairgrounds
you would throw it at stuff to win prizes when you were young.
I booted it against the church wall and over the stream people watched me not sure what to make of me OR THE BALL.
A reminder that one day they will be old and every day you have to search for a way to make life go on.
Even though you don't really care.
Eventually the ball had to stay and I had to go for the usual.
I booted it in the stream thinking it would make its journey
but it just sat there
big hairy thing not wanting to go anywhere
just like me.


I like walking at night
the streetlights show two of me
two shadows that fall one behind the other
although we still go the same way
I wonder which one I am
of course I am both
two men but one
But I wish there was only two of me
but sadly there are many more


I sat behind the guy I went to probation with
he didn't talk to me he never does
don't blame him who wants to think of the past
especially when you get caught.
I looked at his wife wondering whether this was the woman he BROKE.
He finished his beer and off he went with her the beaten woman.
After a while I saw there was a wallet under his seat. I thought about handing it in for a bit
but then again I thought why get involved.
After all he will work it out and I doubt there is much in it.
I told my son there was a day I would have had it away
but money is now the last of my worries.

Marc Carver

If you have any thoughts about these poems,  Marc Carver  would be pleased to hear them