My Husband is an Organ Donor

He Devours Me

My husband preheats the oven.                                                    
He prepares to roast me.                                                                    

He has me for dinner.
He is a connoisseur.

My Husband is a Penguin

His lips are beaks.
He canít fly.

He walks slowly.
He canít breathe.

In the Attic

He is among gossamer
and trunks of clothes.

He is hiding beneath them.
He is old jewelry.

My Husband is a Light Bulb

He turns on and off.
I flip the switch.

There is a short circuit.
He stuns me.

He is an Organ Donor

I canít do without him.
He is inside me.

He makes my heart pump
faster and faster.

My Husband is Life Support

He is oxygen.
Without him I would choke.

I am so afraid of losing him,
I forget he is alive.

Marjorie Sadin

If you have any thoughts about this poem,  Marjorie Sadin  would be pleased to hear them