They Did Not Come For Singing

The first lines made sense,
the second lines made music.

Which caught the first lines
off guard to think
that such unfolding pleasures

did not come about naturally
while they engaged
in sense-making.

"You think,
I'll sing," the song went.
"Nonsense, I think
songs" came the answer.

And they strummed along
expanding on those very words.
Watching the sun rise

thinking there could be music there
if the sun were not thinking
about other things.

There were no comments from second lines
too numerous to remember,
yet too non-stop for pleasure

till they cried out "Oh life is running out
of the very joy of the Universe. They
are no longer listening!"

First lines peered cautiously
over the edge trying to make sense
of the bone pile at the feet of critics.

L. Fullington

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