Some Snakeskin
projects and experiments:

Poetry Hypertexts


An enormous hypertext by K.M.Payne and George Simmers

Jennifer Ley's beautiful Science Hypertext

Hypertexts by George Simmers:

Gregory and Maureen


Small Hypertext Based on Two Lines by Wordsworth


Snakeskin e-chapbooks

Each is a collection by a Snakeskin poet, presented as a word-processor file ready to be printed off to make an instant pamphlet.

Series I chapbooks (1998-1999):

1. From a Poet's Wunderkellar by L. Fullington

2. Those Mudfish Ways by Robert James Berry

3. A Blossomed Disappointment by John Cornwall

4. Voiceover by K.M.Payne

5. In the Shadow of Women by Hassan Abdulrazzak

Out of series:

Spindrift  by William F. Adams Jr.

Series II : (2008-9)

Long Shadows by Ken Head

The Gothic Poems by Linda Crespi

Speed Read by Chris Major

I Am the Sphinx by Maggie Butt

Naomi by George Simmers

Deathmarch by Miklós Radnóti  
translated from the Hungarian by Thomas Land

The Plinth Poem by George Simmers

Some of Linda Crespi's Altertexts:
The Collaborative Sonnets
The Haiku and Tanka Generator
The Complete Modern Poet
how do i know what
(Some of these may not work in browsers other than Internet Explorer)

A collaborative project
between Helena Nelson and George Simmers
The Re:United Poems

Sound Bites

Paul Stevens
The Improper Muse

Maggie Butt
I am the Sphinx
A long narrative poem, based on a true story.

George Simmers