How to Submit your Poems.

Nothing could be easier. Just cut'n'paste your original unpublished
poems into an ordinary e-mail and whiz them this way.

But  we do ask for poems to be sent in the body of an email, rather than as an attachment. Attachments have the nasty possibility of carrying viruses - and the sender doesn't realise they're doing it.

In the unusual case that you have a poem with special formatting that can't just be shown properly in a standard email - warn us in advance that it's coming, and there won't be a problem.

We try to acknowledge all work sent, and to give you a decision within a month.
(He writes, guiltily remembering the mountain of submissions waiting to be dealt with...)

Two  posts on the Snakeskin blog may be of interest to contributors.

The first, on "How Snakeskin Works", explains the simple procedure by which contributions are selected for a month's issue - and why, if a poem doesn't make that month's selection, it is unlikely to appear in a later issue.

The second, called "Don't" gives a few tips to novice poets, hinting at a few of the simple things that might make an editor take against your work.