Fallopius Finds His Clitoris

Dr Fallopius
Gabriele Falloppio, known as Fallopius (1523- 1562)

Women were always harder to discover,
fewer on the gallows. Working his fingers
into the lower thorax (everything absent
but a thrill of ambition) he's quite ignorant
of his subject's rouged lips; the only warmth
a blade of light at the candle's tip

Falloppius searches an enquiring fingertip
into the upper pudendum, where he discovers
Dulcheo Amoris (whose delight will warm
to a lover's touch) between his fingers
“without which the female would be ignorant
of bodily pleasure, and all delight absent

from love”; while love betrays its absence
in the subject's waxy pallor. This thickened tip
which resembles a blister to the ignorant
the anatomist has now discovered
scummed to the wrist. He turns a finger
one sleeve rolled, his curiosity warming

to this new anatomy. But there is no warmth
in his methodical approach, humanity's absent
from the flesh he kneads and fingers
'Like a furled bud,' he muses; a beaded tip
any hay-tumbling peasant might discover
yet overlook in ignorance

as scholastic rivals might, in their ignorance
fail to delineate in writing. But the warm
shape of a love heart he is surprised to discover:
a love heart's curve and cushion not wholly absent
from the yielding pubis he now tips
upward to closer scrutinise. He sinks a finger

sails his hand and anchors it, thumb and finger
claiming this virgin land from its ignorant
native, whose naked toe-to-tip
frailty barely fills his slab, her warm
smear of rouge unregarded and, in absence
of any daylight, undiscovered.

Rob Hodkinson

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