As many of you have noticed, Snakeskin has been undergoing something of an existential crisis.
Our webspace provider, a firm called Extendnet collapsed - or at any rate went utterly incommunicado, and wouldn't even let us pay our bill.

For a while we went dark. Apologies to those missing their poetry fix.

Now we are reinstated with a new provider. We've just got basic files on there at the moment - this month's issue, mostly. In time the whole site and its twenty-six year archive will be back in place. That will take time, though. Please be patient.

Meanwhile, there will be no new May Snakeskin. All the poems sent for consideration in May will now be candidates for the June issue.

Watch this space for future developments.

And do keep those poems coming in.
Please send your contributions to the usual address

(which is, of course,
or, if you prefer to use the other address, which we printed last month, go for it. Both work.


For details of the editor's latest collection, Old and Bookish, please click on the cover picture below.

old and bookish

Two blog posts may be of interest to potential contributors to Snakeskin .
The first, on "How Snakeskin Works", explains the simple procedure by which contributions are selected for a month's issue.

The second, called "Don't" offers some tips to novice poets, detailing a few of the things that might make an editor take against your work.