February 2008
- Number 141

Guest-edited by Jessy Randall
The All-Collaborations Issue
Celie did the shape; Mena did the lines.

Editor's Note
by Jessy Randall

The Complete Monkey Omnibus:
Live at Budokan

by Prairie Markussen
and Daniel M. Shapiro

The Diagnosis (excerpt)
by Bethany Pearson
and Jordan Sanderson

The Marriage of Words
(companion poems)

by John Davis
and Kelli Russell Agodon

The Service
by RR Carr
TD McBride

Last Motherhood
by Tara Menon
Lena Williams

Vegan Cheese
by Amanda Newman
Josh Getzler

by Jane Hilberry
Anne Marie Kelley

When Answers Ask for Questions
by Malaika King Albrecht ,
Deborah Blakely,
and Michael Davye

Returning (excerpt)
by Lawrence E. Leone
Barry Spacks

Plus: A Bentzman/Keogh Suburban Dialogue

Artwork: Spider/Sun/Flower by Philomena Shuffelton-Sobe and Celia Randall Gresham
(Celie did the shape; Mena did the lines.)

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