logo    April 2013
   Number 195
Robert Nisbet
In All Our Hearts

Philip Quinlan
Upon a Wherry

Rosemarie Koch
The Lumberjack and the Gardener


Kathryn Jacobs
Middle School

Wedged Elephant

Ken Head
Where Suffering Begins
Seeing Eyes

Chris O'Carroll
Cardinal Sings

Jerome Betts
The Tesselation's Tale


We remember Snakeskin poet Paul Stevens, who died last month. Click here to read one of his poems, and to hear his voice.

Tess Joyce
What the Rain Brings

Steve Klepetar

In Which of My Previous Lives?
A Wrong Turn

Annie Fisher
In Justnotspring

Rob Stuart
The Ballade of the Woman
in the Fucking Stupid Hat

L. Fullington
Quite Right - I'm in

Dawnell Harrison

and Bruce Bentzman delivers his latest output From the Night Factory

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