logo July 2012
Number 187

Short Poem Special
Ann Drysdale
Seven Years On

D. A. Prince
Erasmus Street
Unexpected Guests

David Callin
Ginger's Shoes
Jesus Quipped

Matthew Smith
Mrs Kendall Clark AGM
Holiday DIY

Sheila Hamilton
The Dead Play Ball

Tristan Moss
Broken Statues

Duncan Gillies MacLaurin
The Bad Dancer

Esther Murer

Thomas Land
Grant Me

Jane Reichhold

Jane Røken
When you drive through a forest at night

Rodney Wood
At Farnborough North

Seth Crook
Poem for Lynn

Rob Stuart
Some Shorts

Martin Parker
Orange Prize
Birthday Suit

Ralph la Rosa

L. Fullington
Thanks, I've Enough of the Present

Jon Davies

Steve Klepetar
Not So

Wynn Wheldon
The Flute and the Bassoon

and Bruce Bentzman's latest bulletin from the Night Factory

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