Snakeskin 237: February 2017
Maths and Numbers
Guest-edited by Jessy Randall
math table

Rob Carney
 If I Were Writing the Horoscopes

Deborah L. Davitt
Lo Shu’s Magic Square 

C.R. Harper

Nick Humez
The Naturals: A Starter Kit

Elizabeth Kerlikowske
 Math Anxiety

Kathleen Kirk
 We Matter

Valerie Loveland
 It Is Impossible to Divide by Zero

Elaine Mintzer
 Intervals of Significance

Christopher Phelps
First Year: Arithmetic

Scott Poole
 On Your Engagement

David Radavich

K. Simon
 [algebra class]

John Tucker

Sean Webb
The Shrimp Office

Sarah Brown Weitzman
Ninth Grade Algebra

Katherine Williams
Arabic Numerals for Art Students

Sally Zakariya


Bruce Bentzman
considers the
Maths Gene


The illustrations for this issue are taken from: Jean Leurechon, Mathematical Recreations, or, A collection of Many Problems Extracted Out of the Ancient and Modern Philosophers: As, Secrets and Experiments in Arithmetick, Geometry, Cosmography, Horologiography. London: Printed by T. Cotes for R. Hawkins, 1633.

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